Monday, October 25, 2010

Fly Little Bird! Fly.......!!!!!

dusty!!!!! *cough* *cough*'s me again..and it has been a while since i-don't-remember-when..

Charles Dickens once narrated in Dombey and Son: "It being a part of Mrs. Pipchin's system not to encourage a child's mind to develop and expand itself like a young flower, but to open it by force like an oyster . . ."

sad isn't it?? imagine, a child, being forced to accept life as how the elders want it to be? can we imagine, we're in that state of situation? way..but somehow (or rather...) without we realizing it...we might had somehow encounter the phase of our life where the elders showed us the do's and the don'ts..well..nothing wrong with telling the dont' they might know things which harmful for the children...but the do's?? no way!! as for me..let the children explore their life.. life is an's will find their meaning of life by learning from their mistakes. let them choose who'd they want to be.. i used to tell my parents that one day i wanna become a Prime Minister (during Mahathir's reign)..and all they've told me was "thus, u need to study, be a good person, obey your God, and strive for your dream.." well...they never said "u can't be one! ppl will hate u..!"..

when children are being directed on how they should live their life..what should they be in the future ( just like some "orang kampung" who love to force their children to work in the "gomen" for good wages) ..then, it's done for them..they'll never find the true meaning of life. let the children their dreams will blossom, and they'll be the one whose responsible for the choices they've made. spare some spaces for the children to make mistakes..there's nothing wrong to make mistakes.. if they go against the God..let them find it out (with some guidance) by themselves, and soon, they'll repent sincerely, not by forced to do so as it is against the norms...

imagine, will there be Albert Einstein if he was forced to live the life as how his old man wanted? will Galileo and Copernicus found that the earth is spherical and goes around the Sun if their minds were controlled by their parents? can Shakespeare write Hamlet if he was forced to go to bed early when he was a child...??

childhood is the most important period of one's life. the children..don't stop them...there's nothing too early for them..

Just like Peter Pan...let the children be free as a bird..and soon, they'll find their way home..inshaallah...