Friday, August 5, 2011

Tukar who? by The Desperado (Diskopi)

This is an old article, but i still find it interesting and the best article to describe this guy who inspires me a lot. Taken from Diskopi (without permission).

I was chatting with a friend quite recently and i mentioned that i know a very interesting person, who has been in exile, made movies, helped Iranians to topple the Shah, faced the Mumbai police , survived the Lebanon civil war in Beirut, ate chapaties with the Pakistani’s in Karachi and Durians with the Pakcik in Jelebu and orchestrated the coolest rebellion against the United Mad Nookie Ordinance!!! My friend said freaking cool, whos tha man? I said Hishamuddin Rais… and he was like Hisham who? i said Tukar Tiub… he was like Tukar who? Then i told myself allright, its time Diskopi churns out a piece on that old chap.

If you are a Malaysian and you dont know who Isham is, your missing out a lot. Daymn this guy outta write a biography about himself… He is like a real political Indiana Jones. He is about 56 years old, been to over 30 countries, rebelled all his life… and engineered the term Non Governmental Individual. One word… Amazing, seriously… Amazing… he lived and still is living the utter most coolest life, and mind you this is just based on what we know about him… Im sure he has pretty much a lot more juice in his closet!!!. I personally came to know this chap through a good friend of mine, this oldman riddled my head to rationality. Haha, he might not know it but he has infact inspired many young souls in Malaysia to find their true self and to truthful in life.

This oldman finished his secondary education at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar. Entered University of Malaya to study South East Asian History in 1971. Was elected Secretary General of now banned University of Malaya Students Union (UMSU) in 1973. Left Malaysia in 1974 after a huge student demonstration now historically known as The Baling Peasant Protest 1974. Studied French Language at University Catholic of Leuven la Neuve 1984. Studied Arts at Brixton College London. Graduated in film and video from University of Westminster London 1992. He returned to Malaysia in 1994 and became a freelance writer . He helped organise several street demonstrations from 1998 to 2000 following the ouster of deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim. In 2001 he began a two-year jail sentence under the Internal Security Act, which permits detention without trial.

Woa… you know we could on and on… about this chaps life. Its like i said… utter cool… and interesting. So what has this fellow been up to recently? He started a cult… Hahaha yea he did, known as the Tukar Tiub… its a cult that revolts against a certain group of United Maniacs, and the terror of knights Bik Mama!!! Its pretty serious stuff actually, if you could read between the lines. One thing that i admire very much about this chap is his love for Malaysia… a love so deep so true… This man spent his years loving a nation and its people, still holding strong and fighting for a better Malaysia. It may not be your mainstream patriotism, but heck it drains my tears just thinking about it. This man… loves his nation, like nothing else.

What drives him? God knows, seriously i see no reason for him to be back here in Malaysia. To live a medicore life when he could be a millionaire somewhere else. Perhaps its the Keretek? Hahaha… believe it or not cigarettes have driven people towards their goals. Oh well, hope he would read this and perhaps drop a line in the comments. Before i end, here is a little note to Isham, Tukar Tiub, Janggut or whatever people call him ; You may not know it, but you have inspired many to be brave, to fight for truth, and to think. For this, we cant thank you enough. Yet Diskopi would like to appreciate the much that he has done for us, for the future, for the nation. Thank you.

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