Monday, June 27, 2011

How "Malay" are we..aite?

Originally, this was a comment on a friend's blog post. the narcissism of Adam Adli again did it- membebel panjang so that ppl who read it will say: wow!! (HAHAHAHA!! XD)..'s not like that. that's a joke..

it was about Malays who don't think like Malays..or Malays who adapted "westernization"..just because THEY LEARN THE's what i think bout it..

first, bout having to to act like an English to learn English: there's nothing wrong with it.. it's not that we'll lose our faith and culture..

u see, as for me...philosophically speaking (chewah!), we tend to learn something we dont thoroughly understand.. why do they celebrate xmas? what's the story behind Halloween? TGI Friday..why Friday?? AS we learn about it, inshaallah we're not going to lose our root..

Humans are all the same..regardless of your language, religion, color, or ethinicity.. some ppl might get the wrong idea of "ikut budaya barat".. it's not all that wrong!!

it's funny when ppl say "minum arak ikut orang putih" when WE-the Malays; (especially our forefathers) actually drink tuak! And still, we consume tapai and air tapai (which technically,the same thing as japanese sa-ke!). the best thing about it is that: the Arabians were the one who invented alcohol alias Al-Kuhul/ Al-Kuhl! how irony now is it?

it's funny when ppl say 'pakai sexy macam org putih' when our nenek moyang used to berkemban di tepi sungai..and look at our elder generations (during the time of P.Ramlee), they were sexy!

it's funny when ppl say cakap melayu lah..belagak ape cakap omputih, but they never call the calculator as alat kira-kira..or the mobile phone/handset as telefon bimbit.. or even the iced lemon tea as teh air batu berlimau..ohh..shut up! XD

it's even funny when ppl laugh at us and say: poyo giler baca buku omputih..when they don't even read in Malay!! all these ppl are doing are talking and talking-all over again. No wonder we should be ashamed of ourself when we're among the worst reader in the world (cumulatively, Malaysians read only 2 books in a year..what a shame!! thanx to those who read 100 books a year to add up into the statistic..if they don't read that much, God knows how the statistic will turn out to be..)

so, what's wrong with having "westernized" way of thinking??

Melayu atau tidak Melayu seseorang tu tak dilihat pada pemikiran-letaknya pada Kad Pengenalan..haha!! so, no worries..

read: Saya Pun Melayu by Zaid Ibrahim..

ppl who don't read,learn,play, and experienced much always get confused with "budaya Barat"..ask them back what is this so called BUDAYA BARAT??

p/s: Malaysia antara tercorot dalam budaya membaca, tapi top ten peminum arak paling ramai dalam dunia: so, "Malay" enough??


  1. now,this is worth reading..heard a lil abt mr Zaid's book..tajuk yg
    no one's perfect..thre's d positive & d world is nt perfect wthout d negative in it..dats basically wat mkes everythng we c,hear n feel,unique..n dats d purpose of life,dnt u thnk..??
    a race 2 reach d ONE goal..

  2. the ONE goal, regardless of whoever u are.. yup! =)