Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Sungai Siput With Love..

First post for the month of love: February...

The title of this post has nothing to do with my love life, neither do i found a new lover from Sungai is about my hectic weekends. Went to Kelimat, Sungai Siput for a 3 days camp with the Biro Tata Negara (the Think-tank of the hegemony). gosh, never feel this exhausted, but trust me, it worth all the time and energy spent.

I made new friends, new comrades, and the best part is, now that i know how things work here in UPSI. Yup, the so called "Politik Kampus" in UPSI. Here, i learned that the value of comradeship plays the most vital part. After few tests (not from the BTN people, but from God) I finally made a promise to myself: I WON'T BETRAY MY COMRADES, AND I WON'T LET THEM DOWN. They made me a leader, so i must play the role of a leader.

One of the things i learned from the camp: to keep leading, we need to keep learning. True enough! For a leader to remain on their seat, they need to learn at least about their supporters..if leaders only think about nothing but themselves, then, they will surely get no more supports in the future. Leaders need to learn about the current situation, trends, needs of the people, issues and bla bla bla... How can we expect a leader who lives in a "time capsule" and knows nothing about us to lead us? Just think about it..

Let me share something funny: i slept on a graveyard on the 2nd night! what an experience! i always love to play by the graveyard when i was younger..cuz i always wanted to see ghosts, but never did i sleep there before! the smell of frangipani (Bunga Kubur/Kemboja)..though i was blindfolded, i knew it's a graveyard because of the scent..but then, i was too tired, so, simply took my ZZZ there..i don't think any ghosts find any fun to play with a sleeping guy..

So, that was my weekends.. Sungai Siput, till we meet again..!
Hopefully, things that i learned from the camp, can be applied in the future, Inshaallah.. Now, I'm ready to rock UPSI!! =)

Thanx Bro Hasnul for the nice pictures and lessons on leadership (though you are from BTN..hahaha..)

p/s: i really don't know how to add captions to the images.. let me just explain it here:
1. we ate our dinner on daun pisang..and it was the most frustrating dinner i ever had, cuz i didn't get to eat my own cooking!!
2. yup, the faces of joy! our group won almost all the challenges in sukaneka..haha!
3. busy preparing the dinner i didn't get to eat!! i was asked to switch places with the other group, and end up eating their meal instead of mine! hukk...! but theirs are not bad actually (or i was too hungry back then?)
4. suspension bridge! swings like it's gonna fall!!

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